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Citroën 100th anniversary

Citroën 100th anniversary 1024 364 VEA

In 2019, the VEA marks the 100th anniversary of the Citroën brand. Participate in our activities in large numbers.

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Champagne Safari – Calling all

One of our valued members lent the rare NFB film CHAMPAGNE SAFARI to a member at a monthly dinner in Bordelais. For unknown reasons, the film did not return to its owner and it is impossible to obtain another copy.

Please, make an effort to make sure it is not in your possession and return it to a Board member, or call 514-697-9037.

Thank you in advance

Champagne Safari – Calling all 1024 683 VEA

VEA – New director of Regalia needed

VEA – New director of Regalia needed 1024 364 VEA

Dear member, After 15 years on the board of your VEA club as director of the Boutique, Jean-Baptiste Rosay recently told us that he was leaving the Board. You probably…

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